I am a self-taught photographer living and working in Cologne who is passionate about shooting in a documentary style.

My attention is drawn to the continually altered environment by man. I am always curious about discovering something uncommon or a temporary existing state.

I use photography to capture places I feel somehow connected with. Mostly I am driven by instinct and my pictures often reflect where I grew up and how I perceive my surroundings in everyday life. The outcome is undoubtedly a combination of some kind of nostalgia and a down-to-earth point of view.

What fascinates me are the details coming to light, suggesting tiny stories. Overlooked or neglected places can reveal marks that may tell about past environmental changes or the people living there.

This adventurous exploration helps me to get familiar with places in general. Beyond that, I gain insight into the development of places outside my usual scope. My intention is to create a conscious image about the encountered state by letting the place speak for itself.

In several series of work I am focusing more on specific topics my photographs are covering.

All pictures © Copyright Darius Urbanek

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